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Nature-Inspired Haven In Your Home

A. Walls

The walls significantly impact our rooms’ overall mood and feel. A more soothing effect than bold colors can be obtained with neutral colors. It is easier to change your décor as your tastes evolve and change.

Paint. You can’t go wrong with them; shades of white walls are timeless. The focus is on your room’s elements, artwork, furniture, textures, and plants, which white paint allows. Paint is ideal for creating a calming, nature-inspired atmosphere, and it is a go-to, giving a garden a feel of soft neutrals. This method includes soft grays and greige (beige-gray combo). Another option is a neutral color if you crave a little more zing to your walls. Beautifully into neutrals, you can live with that have a hint of color, many earth-tone colors translate.

Renters-you’re are not being left out here. Walls are usually painted a light neutral color, and a soft neutral can add to the look to support whatever you choose decor-wise. Green houseplants can be added to the space to set off the decor.

Non-Paint Options. To instantly transform your space’s feel, hang organic nature-inspired artwork, prints, textiles, or photography on walls. Wallpaper of Grasscloth is an excellent method to add natural texture to your walls when made of woven plant material. Botanical wallpaper- a bold flora and fauna-inspired wallpaper is another option. No watering is required; you can put the garden directly on the wall.

B. Natural Layer Elements

Nature has more choices than to be live and green. The outdoor accessories (live or not) let you bring inexpensive plants. Thrifted or found can be some of the most exciting finds. Vintage items can be accessed to create a “skillfully layered look” instead of “just purchased from the big box store.”


Whether abstract or literal, animal/Plant decor-plant and animal motifs can be used. It can be a bonus if it includes fossils, natural stone-end, and coffee tables to bookends. Metals-warm tones like raw brass with cooler pewter/silver tones can be mixed in the same space. Also, metal doesn’t need to be kept shiny. Allow the metal to patinate. Wood stumps can be used for small tables with raw materials, petrified wood, natural wood grain exposed, faux bois, or fake wood. Concrete planters can be designed to look like wood with grayish bark.


Sometimes, texture gets missed in the thought process, especially if you’re more color-driven. The surface is crucial to making a nature-inspired space if you don’t want to deal with live plants and haven’t given it much thought. To be live and or green isn’t necessary for a nature-inspired texture. Neutral, textured, and nubby non-synthetic materials can be materials for throw pillows or blankets. Wall art ( texture oils and acrylics) or wall textiles hanging and woven pieces. Baskets Woven or window treatments, such as cotton drapes, woven blinds, and linen. Rugs in natural materials.

D. Add some greenery

Add life to the space, and bring in the foliage. It’s human nature to respond when adding something positively green and growing. By including greenery that doesn’t necessarily need light or water, we can add this to our living spaces.

Ideas: Artificial plants. 

Some faux plants look so real compared to natural plants. If you don’t want the 

Aggravation of natural plants, use artificial plants. Look for foliage, branches, or flowers in a garden center or a neighborhood park. Just cut, then add to a glass or vase. 

Some plants, like eucalyptus hydrangea, can last indefinitely, and others can be dried. Spring flowering branches, pussy willow, or florist’s eucalyptus seasonal branches or greenery can last long. Display on a table and use a simple vase-like a large blown-glass jug.

 E. Make It Personal Every space is better if you include items that mean something to you personally, nature-inspired or not. Beautifully in a bowl or corralled on a decorative tray, a few shells, sea glass, driftwood, or stones can be collected. Collect pine cones or acorns can be beautiful, natural, and, most importantly, meaningful objects to incorporate into your home decor. Use a glass container for displaying wine corks from good times & the holiday season. Depending on the season, a rotating collection of seashells, horse chestnuts & acorns, pine cones, and moss-covered branches can add to the decor. The memories these items evoke fit right in with a nature-inspired space. Your collected items are more meaningful than some purchased greenery.