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Individuals who became the Best Interior Design Tools Certified Users

Interior Design Decorator/Contractor

Interior decorators select and place decorative elements like paint, textiles, and furniture to create a desired look and feel for clients’ homes. Some decorators go beyond that role, such as remodeling contractors, rehabbers, and real estate agents. Their training has been self-taught or through on-the-job experience. They have received awards and other certifications.

Interior Designer

Plan and prepare building interiors for practical use. Develop visuals that show what the room or space will look like. Identify the colors to be used.
Plan the style of the room/space and choose/place wall coverings, window treatments, furniture, décor and other accessories. Some designers go beyond that role. An interior designer is tasked with creating functional and aesthetically pleasing designs for interior spaces and visually appealing spaces. They evaluate a room’s specific requirements, plan the decor and furniture layout based on its size and intended purpose, create designs, and estimate costs. They also ensure that their designs comply with building regulations and inspection requirements. For an interior designer, formal training and the successful completion of a comprehensive test are not just beneficial, they are essential. This emphasis on formal education and certification is a testament to the professional nature of the field and the high standards it upholds. It ensures that every interior designer is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. They have received awards and other certifications.


Architects, with their wide-ranging expertise, are responsible for all aspects of interior space construction.From managing electrical and plumbing requirements to selecting materials and finishes, they ensure the intelligent use of space. Their role often extends to collaborating with construction teams, showcasing the versatility and breadth of opportunities in the field of interior architecture. An Architect assesses room needs, plans decor and furniture, drafts designs, and estimates costs to create practical and attractive spaces. The ultimate goal of both architecture and interior design is to enhance the well-being and comfort of the building’s occupants. Collaborating with professionals from the early stages ensures adherence to building codes and maximizes the benefits of the space. Formal college training, certification and awards.

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List of Highly Professional and Certified Users.

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Interior Design

What are 7 basic decisions for interior design projects?

  • Know the Driving Forces of the space
  • Four Design Approaches for the space
  • Understanding the Design Triangle
  • Item Priority Tool
  • Choosing a Color Scheme
  • Using a Color Tool to Selecting a Floorplan.
  • Selecting a Design Style

What are the Items to include for an interior design proposal?

  • Basic Design Decisions
  • Enclosure Elements using priority tool
  • Functional Area Elements using priority tool
  • Decorative Decor Elements using priority tool
    Utility Elements
  • Include all choices for the items: style, material, color,
    pattern, texture

What effective space planning is needed for the residential project?

  • Location of the spaces/rooms within the structure
  • Location of the ENCLOSURE items within the space
  • Location of the FUNCTIONAL AREAS items within the space
  • Location of the DECORATIVE DECOR items within the space
  • Adjacent Matrix-house space areas
  • Adjacent Matrix-functional areas

How to understanding the interior space needs and wants?

  • Understand design order
  • Space understanding
  • Stimulation Ideas
  • Safety and security Ideas
  • Basic Ideas
  • Utilities ideas
  • Financial Ideas
  • Design ideas

How to choose the correct design style?

  • Design Triangle
  • Four (4) Basic Design Styles
  • Additional Design Styles
  • 70 %-30% Split

Which design approach should be used for a project?

  • Design Triangle
  • Four (4) Design Approaches
  • Four (4) Basic Design Styles

Which design approach estimate should be used for a project?

  • Design Triangle
  • Four (4) Design Approaches
  • Design Action creates user benefit and market value

What is item priority tool?

  • Design Triangle
  • Core5Plus a Framework for design
  • Focal Point Item, 3 Important Items, Unique/Unusual Item , and Support Items

How to choose a color scheme ?

  • Design Triangle
  • Color Percentages
  •  Color Scheme
  • Neutral Color Scheme
  • Monochromatic Color Scheme
  • Other Color Schemes
  • Wood Color
  • Metal Color

What are the Project Design Principles?

  • Space groupings
  • Space zones
  • Organizational
  • Strategies
  • Symmetry
  • Grounding
  • Emphasis
  • Repetition and Movement or Rhyme
  • Contrast
  • Negative Space
  • Balance
  • Proportion
  • Harmony

What is an Electronic Mood Board?

  • Design Triangle
  • Core5Plus Priority Tool
  • Enclosure Items
  • Functional Items
  • Decorative Decor Items
  • Utility Items
  • Color, texture, pattern, line, shape, space, light, mass

How to create1 a material estimate?

  • Design Triangle
  • Core5Plus Priority Tool
  • Enclosure Items
  • Functional Items
  • Decorative Decor Items
  • Utility Items
  • Style, material, color, texture, pattern, quantity, units, total

How to create a labor estimate?

  • Design Triangle
  • Core5Plus Priority Tool
  • Enclosure Installation, Repairs/Adjust, Set-up, or Removal
  • Functional Installation, Repairs/Adjust, Set-up, or Removal
  • Decorative Decor Installation, Repairs/Adjust, Set-up, or Removal
  • Utility Installation, Repairs/Adjust, Set-up, or Removal
  • Style, material, color, texture, pattern, quantity, units, total

How to Schedule an Interior Design Project?

  • Planning measurement and item placement
  • Interior Design ideas
  • Demolition of existing items
  • Floor, Wall, and Ceiling Framing
  • Window and Door
  • Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Electronic
  • Drywall and Painting
  • Cabinet, countertop and backsplash
  • Light and Plumbing Fixtures
  • Finish work, Trim, and Flooring Clean
  • Decorative Decor

How to display photos of completed project ?

  • Six Photos of complete project Photos
  • With Comment areas

What are the 66 Interior Design Styles?

  • Four (4) Basic Design Styles
  • 20 Popular Styles
  • 42 Additional Styles

What are the Requirements for Interior Design Projects?

  • Functionality
  • Floor Plan and Planning Principles
  • Focal Point
  • Decorating Color
  • Nature Inspired

How does Item Selection work for the Interior Design Projects?

  • Item Details Explained
  • Item Guide for Planning
  • The Design Process

What Software Forms are used for Interior Design?

  • Software overview
  • Core5Plus explanation
  • Main Design Styles
  • Four Design Approaches
  • Design Ideas
  • Color Ideas
  • Space/Room explained
  • Software forms

What is a 10X Interior Decorating/Design Course?

  • Interior Design Requirements.
  • Item Selection for Interior Design
  • Software for Interior Design
  • Forms for Interior Design

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Many reasons why businesses use Interior Design Software Tools technology

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ROI for Interior Design Software Tool Products

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Best Solution for Interior Design Software Tools Arithmetic

This type of arithmetic is happening all day, every day, inside companies. 

Managers/executives are constantly looking for solutions to their biggest pains, creating the interior design Project using interior design software proposal tools.

They’re investing in:

  • Future sales probability, 
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Managers/executives will often compare and evaluate products based on their expected ROI. 

Best Solution: “Room Design I.T.”  for two types of expertise for Interior Design Solutions

  1. Functional abilities expertise, such as trade skills, design tools, and sales knowledge. 
  2. Product experience, such as knowledge of construction and housing products.

Interior Design Change

Existing companies often don’t see or understand changes in their field. 

They are experts on how the industry looks today and its history. 

It’s tough to disrupt the industry that you are a part of. 

Consciously or not, people come to think of a way that things are as usual. 

The assumptions we make about how things are or should be can become liabilities. 

They can prevent us from addressing the market as it is today or seeing where it ought to be going. 

A market that you know can also help you create strategic surprises by challenging long-standing assumptions and introducing new ideas. 

An Interior Design Software 10x Advantage for Interior Design

Room Design I.T.’s Vision: “To Create an Interior Design Plan and Proposal tool”

Room Design I.T.’s Strategy: “A 15 form – interior design tool”

Room Design I.T.’s Tactic: “Each tool will develop a different proportion of the design project.””