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About Us

Our design process is a ‘Design Spread Sheet Tool’ in which the Decorator/Contractor moves from an idea to a completed product. As part of the Interior Design Tool, the Decorator/Contractor can gather and organize information, develop visual diagrams and charts, develop ideas and ensure accuracy and manage the entire installation project. The interior design process involves a lot of going discussions and asking questions, checking and then re-checking the plan. A design, involves one part of inspiration, a spark of creativity, and a lot of research, to get the best products and installation for your family.

Our Team

All other people on this website are models. We are using their pictures. They aren't members on the TEAM.

Boyd Wichman


Born and raised in Seneca, Kansas

Attended St Peter and Paul High School in Seneca, Kansas

Attended college at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas

He started selling carpets in Topeka, Kansas, for a retail store

Then traveled to a carpet mill selling to flooring dealers

Obtained Real estate license – Kansas and Missouri

He returned to college in Manhattan, Kansas, to get a Business Accounting degree from Kansas State University. He started a flooring, painting, and wallpaper business while in college.

After college, he moved to Fairway, Kansas, and continued selling flooring, remodeling, and real estate in the Kansas City area.

Then moved on to Prairie Village, Lenexa, and presently live in Olathe, Kansas.

Owned, managed, and did all the repairs and remodeling for 24 rental units in Johnson County.

We have five children: Brian, Cheryl, Lisa, Kevin, Mark, and seven grandchildren.

Activities – Coached the kids in soccer, basketball, baseball, and track. Boy Scout leader.

Spouse – Margaret married for 52 years

Margaret Leary Wichman


Born and raised in Mission, Kansas

Attended Bishop Miege High School in Roeland Park, Kansas

Attended Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas

Obtained Real estate license – Kansas and Missouri

She moved to Fairway, Kansas, and continued selling flooring, remodeling, and real estate in the Kansas City area.

Then moved on to Prairie Village, Lenexa, and presently live in Olathe, Kansas.

Owned and managed daily activities for 24 rental units in Johnson County.

We have five children: Brian, Cheryl, Lisa, Kevin, Mark, and seven grandchildren.

Activities – Many Church committees, School PTA, and committees

Spouse – Boyd married 52 years

Mahadi Hasan Santonu

Web Developer & Project Manager

Meet Mahadi Hasan Santonu, a highly skilled backend web developer and project manager with a specialization in creating seamless and efficient digital applications. Mahadi is the developer of, a cutting-edge platform for developing intuitive interior design proposal forms. His expertise extends beyond interior design, encompassing a wide range of complex applications tailored to meet diverse client needs. Mahadi’s dedication to crafting user-friendly and innovative solutions ensures that every project is executed with precision and excellence, making him a valuable asset in the world of web development.

Interior Design Software

Our Mission

A necessary part of the ‘Room Design IT’ is to gather information about the home owner and the space that is to be designed. This information needs to be organized in a way that is useful to the Decorator/Contractor throughout the design process. The Decorator/Contractor will refer to this information as a project develops the design. The ‘Room Design IT’ is organized to document the information of the design process and it will be the guide for the whole design process and the inspiration for the creativity of the desirer and the client. There is a 5 form process to arrive at a SOLD project for the Decorator/Contractor.
This process involves: gathering the information form, the design form, the proposal form and the material and labor estimate forms.

During the design process, the Decorator/Contractor will need to ask some questions about activities in the home, sometimes the questions may seem intrusive to the clients. An open and frank approach will help to put the client at ease. Some of these questions seem personal but more information you have to work with will create a more successful design.

Our Philosophy

We believe good design is impactful, and every day experiences should be enhance by the beauty and mood of your surroundings. Not everyone has time to study a two-four year full-time course at an university so in 2022, we created the ultimate online course. It caters to those who are on the move and a go-getter, who have a present business or work in the interior design /home products industry. This course prepares them for a great career.

We provide the technical and practical skills necessary to translate ideas into reality, in our commitment to providing a quality training program has resulted in a unique teaching and student support system that will produce unparalleled results. Not only is our program, unique and interactive, but it will help sell the interior design projects.


The people in the photos are models not clients, users or Team members.