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Vertical Software

Understanding how vertical software founders can select their market wisely, maintain enduring growth, and build an industry-defining company.

Vertical software companies can grow to be much larger than people expected.

Presently, each industry, without exception, operates on software, creating the vertical software possibility more practical than ever.

With the advantage of observing from the sidelines, Boyd F. Wichman intends to use 50 years of experience to build an industry-defining vertical software company.

Current software:

Visual Drawing program:

  • Autodesk Auto CAD LT
  • SketchUp Pro
  • TurboCAD
  • Easyhome Homestyler
  • Photography Software
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Capture
  • Project management software:

  • Gather
  • Ivy
  • CoConstruct
  • Studio Designer
  • Design/Proposal Software:

  • Design Spread Sheet!!
  • Goal 1:

    To discover a path to becoming the market leader

    For any ambitious vertical software company, market leadership is the reward.

    There are three successful approaches to market leadership:

    1. Discover an underserved market

    Problem: interior design creation

    Historically, the most practical vertical software businesses have been built by serving industries lacking software access. Capturing leadership in a greenfield market is much easier without incumbents.

    Because of this void, founder, Boyd Wichman, realized that the interior design industry was woefully underserved by existing software products.

    He took advantage of his design methods and sales techniques from his Floor and Remodeling Business to collaborate in the cloud.

    “Developing for an underserved need” can take various shapes in the process of a startup.

    DSSM provides a complete management tool for interior decorators/contractors or contractor/interior decorators tired of running their interior design/remodeling business on pen and paper.

    2. Address an overlooked problem:

    Problem: Most clients want to see the interior design process and be a part of the process.

    When a vertical market leader operates in an industry, it can be complicated to unseat.

    In more mature markets, new leaders emerge by attacking problems that market-leading incumbents poorly address.

    Look into any business in any industry, and you’ll discover dozens of business procedures that have yet to be suited or poorly served.

    These industries are ripe for market-leading Design Spread Sheet for a vertical solution for the interior design business.

    3. Unseat relaxed incumbents:

    Problem: There isn’t a suitable design proposal method.

    Historically, current market leaders have significant advantages creating it extremely challenging to defeat incumbents. We’ve noticed exceptional founders develop a platform change to displace incumbents. This method is often caused by a technology stimulus that provides new entrants with a one-sided advantage.

    Unseating incumbents is challenging, but new entrants can overwhelm the switching expenses that benefit vertical incumbents with a better or cheaper product. However, this method is the most challenging path to market leadership because it demands your new system to be wildly more affordable or valuable (or both).

    The Spread Sheet Design Method is a unique and fresh way to create interior design projects.

    Goal 2:

    The best vertical software companies build several levels of new products that drive continuous growth.

    A several-layer strategy of creating additional developments into their primary vertical market divides a good product from a significant product in vertical software. By creating unique products for an existing customer base, we’ve noticed a few tactics used favorably:

  • Educational information and certification for online product users.
  • Design companies (interior design, architects) or product companies (flooring, wallpaper, paint, window/door, cabinet, etc.) and service companies (remodelers, painters, carpenters, etc.) to be a local base for decorator/contractors to have a store front or installation company to rely on.
  • Online design process templates and financial estimates, and invoices.
  • Design Spread Sheet Method has a unique design method, proposal, estimate, and invoice.

    Goal 3:

    The best opportunities are integrated services to stay with educational ideas. In comparison, Design Spread Sheet focuses on design creation ideas, proposal methods, and financial methods.

    Design Spread Sheet Method highlights:

  • Design Triangle- the three fundamental space elements: Enclosure, Functional areas, and Decor items.
  • Design Process: Step-by-Step design method to gather and find the best solution.
  • 4 Basic Design Styles- Functional, Traditional, Modern, and Contemporary.
  • 4 Design Approaches Guides- Fine-Tune, Create Superior, Challenge Existing, and Limited.
  • Design Methods- 9-step approach to the Design Process
  • For all these reasons‚Ķthere is Design Spread Sheet Method software!