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Color Chart


Design Spread Sheet Method   ——- Color Chart 1                                                            1 of 3
Section 1 Color  
Warm Colors yellow, yellow/orange, orange, orange/red, red, red/violet

__ yellow, orange, or red (pink) undertones;

Cool Colors violet, blue/violet, blue, blue/green, green, green/yellow

__ blue, gray and green undertones;

Warm Neutrals tan, beige, rust, brown, black;


white, ivory, silver, gray:
Neutrals white, grays, black, _____ plus tans, browns;
Pastels powder blue; mint green; vanilla; ivory; coral; sand; pink; lavender, mauve; peach; periwinkle; pale tones of color;



Design Spread Sheet Method   ——- Color Chart 2                                                               2 of 3
Color Metal
Cool Under-tones  
Dark purple Titanium
Dark Blue Stainless steel
Medium Blue Polished Chrome
Blue Pewter
Light green Polished Nickel
Light green Brushed Nickel
Warm Under-tones  
Red Rose Gold
Orange Rose Gold
Orange Oil Rubbed Bronze
Orange Copper
Orange Gold
Gold Gold
Gold Unlacquered Brass
Gold Brushed Bronzed
Light Yellow French Gold
Light Yellow Brushed French Gold
Black Wrought Iron
Cool Gray Aluminum
Warm Gray Pewter
White Chrome
Other Neutrals  
Brown (dark orange) Rust
Brown (dark orange) Bronze
Brown (dark orange) Copper
Biege Pewter
Tan Pewter



Design Spread Sheet Method   ——- Color Chart 3                          3 of 3
Real Wood Natural Color        
Brown Walnut Mahogany White Oak Beech Birch Maple
Red Blood Wood Redwood Bubinga Padauk    
Orange Osage orange Yellow heart        
Blue Blue Mahoe          
Green Greenheart Lignum vitae        
Purple Purpleheart Red Cedar        
Black Ebony Brazilian Rosewood African Blackwood      


Wood Color Tones      
Warm Color Tones   Cool Color Tones  
Brownish   Blackish  
Redish   Grayish  
Orangish   Blueish  
Pinkish   Medium Grayish  
Biegeish   Light Grayish  
Yellowish   Whiteish