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4 Easy Design Visuals

“What is the distinction between a collage mood board and an item concept board?

There are four simple design tools for a visual that an Interior Designer can utilize on your following assignment to assist you in visualizing the outcome.

As certified interior designers or decorators, we must forward the desirable outcome to all our clients. It cannot be easy to verbalize the plan in our thoughts and then summarize it to the client, especially when its characteristics can be very specialized. For this explanation, designers and decorators utilize visual tools to help accomplish this. These visuals are used in a detailed order throughout the method. The visuals are mood boards, written concept boards, graphic renderings, and very photorealistic space renderings.

Mood Boards

Mood boards are a collection of images, paper texts, and sample objects regarding a single topic. In interior design, a simple mood board is a succession of visual photographs on a single computer document that is an idea representing the visual sense a space would look. The mood board is usually the first graphic in the interior design approach to ensure everyone is on the same page and pushing forward. The board does not employ specific products but elements that contain the deliberate design. This action is often unnecessary if a designer is transparent about the basic approach.

Concept Boards

Concept boards employ specific product items sourced for that space project, and these boards are the following entirely visual tool from your designer. A designer starts sourcing (looking) for your space project, and they’ll choose the furniture and some accessories that either (1) coincide with your visual mood board above or (2) coincide with the selected style and color scheme palette. The designer choice then locates another collage of the same or similar products that will organize your design, such as the chosen items.


Renderings can range from designer to designer. Board, some go straight to very photorealistic renderings, and some renderings are improved versions of the basic concept board described above. Visuals will let you see the complete layout of the entire space and define the element’s ability to work together to organize your entire room.

Photorealistic Renderings

Photorealism visual designs are highly accurate, realistic 2D computer-generated files, CGI, or images that contain every characteristic of the area. Generally, lighting elements areas showcase some shadows from a real-life space and replicate actuality.