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Easy selling issue

Completing 15 detailed forms for an interior design project from Boyd Wichman proved to be the golden ticket in selling the concept to my client. 
Each form was meticulously crafted to address every conceivable aspect of the project, leaving no stone unturned. 
As a result, when the client approached me with questions or concerns, I was armed with comprehensive answers and solutions.

One of the most remarkable aspects of having these completed forms was how they effortlessly tackled common concerns that clients often have. 
Whether it was about the functionality of a space, the choice of materials, or the overall aesthetic vision, Boyd Wichman’s forms provided clarity and reassurance at every step.

For instance, when the client expressed reservations about the practicality of a particular layout, I could easily refer to the detailed floor plan and layout specifications outlined in the forms. 
This not only allayed their concerns but also instilled confidence in the proposed design.

Similarly, when discussing material choices, having a completed form detailing the quality, durability, and aesthetic attributes of each material allowed me to showcase the thoughtfulness and expertise behind every selection.
It wasn’t just about picking what looked good; it was about making informed decisions that would stand the test of time.

Moreover, presenting a completed project – one that had been meticulously planned and executed according to Boyd Wichman’s comprehensive framework – spoke volumes about our commitment to excellence.
It wasn’t just a bunch of ideas on paper; it was a tangible manifestation of our dedication to delivering exceptional results.

Ultimately, having these completed forms didn’t just make it easier to sell the design ideas to the client; it made the entire process smoother and more transparent. 
By addressing all their questions and concerns upfront, we were able to build trust and confidence, paving the way for a successful collaboration and a truly outstanding end result.

Guest Author: Natasha Petrova, Artefino,

Experience: Interior Designer and Urban Planning