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Simple Planning for a Floor Plan 

The Bubble Scheme

Begin a space plan by sketching a rough area map and creating a bubble plan. The bubble scheme is a simple diagram showing what activities occur in the space and how they are related.

For example, in an open-plan living space, you might have three or more bubbles: one for the kitchen, one for the dining area, and one for the living area. The use of bubbles will aid in the definition of these areas. You can construct a scale plan once you’ve determined where the activities will take place in the space.

Try to find a sheet of paper as much as possible to make it easier. I recommend purchasing a large A1/A2 sheet of cards and some pencils to do this. You can then correct any errors you make. On a piece of paper, draw your space to scale, then include the location of the window, door, built-in cupboards/shelves, fireplace, and lighting; lastly, On the floor plan, you should view all fixtures and features.

Create a list of everything you want in the room and scale paper cutouts for each item. After that, you can begin arranging these scaled pieces of furniture on your floor layout. After performing the necessary right, this will bring your area to life and demonstrate how you might use it.

Spend time shifting objects to help you think about the area in new ways. First, plan, then swap all parts around to see how it affects the room’s flow.