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DSSM Design Approaches comment

DSSM Design Approaches

Design tunnel vision. 

Busy interior decorator/contractors are no exception.

The more intense the pressure and the more crucial a more comprehensive design project is required, the more difficult way or mental vision appears to restrict the thoughts.

This pressure is incredibly likely accurate for an interior decorator/contractor who is gripped with the idea of creating a large project and sees everything in terms of success or failure.

Such a decorator may be almost incapable of perceiving that there is any room for intelligential selection among the various methods of action.

Yet if that decorator tried changing the objective from one approach to another approach, it would be sure to find many possible choices opening up. 

The use one approach misconception.

No design firm in the real world functions with just clear-cut, on-off, black or white decisions. The principle of infinite variety in its reactions to:

  • Environmental circumstances
  • Customer requirements
  • Construction limitations

Total success can be difficult, yet your issues can be managed, obstacles can be solved, and the worst can be sidestepped.

More companies and individuals already within sight of success or are on their way to completing their project might ask an interior decorator/contractor to help the owners or management set design goals to aim at and work out concrete actions for achieving.

For companies and individuals with their projects in decline and headed for catastrophe, there is almost always a technique to avoid the worst conceivable case and then create ways to solve it.

DSSM Design Approach for residential design allows you to break out of the limited scope of vision that traps many people.

It must be supported by the daily use of creativity, constant training, and logical thought process. Victory must be hailed, but it will not arrive unsolicited and unexpected.

Owners and management of residential projects cannot simply establish their day-to-day work on blind positiveness and believing only when confronted by unforeseen obstacles.

They must use DSSM Design Approach and do it as a course of action.

Ideally, they should choose it with absolute confidence for a stimulating interior design solution.

Becoming an influential interior decorator/contractor requires constant training with DSSM Design Approaches.

It is a daily method and not a solution that can be left inactive during standard times and opened at will in an emergency.

There is no such item as a line of ready-made package design schemes waiting to be opened on the designer’s shelf.

Drafting a plan is simple and the logical extension of the designer’s thinking process.

It is a case of long-term perspective, not of quick short-term thinking.

In an authentic sense, it represents the expression of an attitude to design.

But like every creative activity, the art of DSSM Design Approach is practiced most successfully when specific functioning principles are kept in reason, and typical pitfalls are consciously avoided.

There are four DSSM Design Approaches for design action:

  • Fine Tune __ the existing project.
  • Create Superior __ elements for the project.
  • Challenge existing __ components in the project.
  • Limited __ time, skills, or money to be used for the project.

All 4 approaches are described in the next 4 sections.