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Core5Plus – Overview

Explanation of Core5Plus Method for Interior Design

This method is the basis for the whole course.

Each space will have a different set of elements or characteristics that create that space.

A kitchen will have a different set of values or needs or characteristics than a bedroom.

A bathroom will have a different set of values or needs, or characteristics than a family room.

And so on for all the spaces.


The space, room, and area elements are separated into three groups: enclosure, functional areas, and decorating decor.

The ENCLOSURE is the basic structural items or outside perimeter of the space.

The FUNCTIONAL AREAS are where the activity occurs: cooking, cleaning, food preparation, sleeping, bathing, seating, and so on.

The DECORATING DECOR is all accessories need by the space to complete the function or add beauty.

Each of these three groups uses a priority method to choose the correct items for that group.


  • Focal Point Item:just one item
  • Important Items: 3 items
  • Unique or Unusual Item:just one item
  • Supporting Item: many items


Design Spread Sheet Method uses 4 basic styles as the basis for all styles:

  • Functional
  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Contemporary


Design Spread Sheet Method uses 4 basic approaches as the basis for all design:

  • Fine Tune
  • Create Superior
  • Challenge Existing
  • Limited


Design Spread Sheet Method suggests four different Color Schemes:

  • Natural Color Scheme
  • Light color
  • Medium Colors
  • Dark Colors