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Core5Plus Method

A Guide to Methodological Approaches for interior design

A Core5Plus Method describes the nexus between traditional ideas and Core5Plus thinking. Traditional ideas are the method that most interior designers and other comparable entities use to recognize, plan, and complete their long-term objectives and goals. Core5Plus Mindset is a methodology that delivers a solution-based approach to unraveling problems by developing a critical relationship to each item of the enclosure, functional areas, and decorative decor.

As in sports and politics, we need a way to put an idea into action, which requires a methodology, a framework, a direction, and a way of thinking. Implementing a Core5Plus method requires a Core5Plus mindset.

Our Philosophy

People tend to confuse design thinking with design planning and vice versa, and they are different.

Design planning involves gathering information and deciding the path the homeowner or project will take to achieve its goals. Design thinking consists of the homeowner and the design team consistently finding and contributing to items and activities that add to the project’s success.

To think methodology conveys seeing and understanding the bigger picture of where an item or activity needs to go and then taking action—a combined effort by everyone.

Here are a few key questions Core5Plus thinkers ask themselves:

  • What is the floor plan?
  • Will the enclosure (basic interior structure) items remain the same?
  • What and where are the functional areas?
  • What decorative decor is needed?
  • What are the focal point, essential items, Unique or usual items, and support things?
  • What is the primary design style?
  • What color scheme is needed?

When we think methodology, we focus more on floor plans, develop a better interior style, promote easier functional areas, and create decorative decor with occupants who feel more involved and eager to help.

Absent of thinking methodology, we become stagnant. We lose focus on housing needs and will not remain creative. Planning, the basis of positive outcomes, is the best method with Core5Plus thinking.

Applying Core5Plus Thinking to Core5Plus Methods

Decorators/contractors must develop a method thinking approach to working with users and other contractors on the project. By doing so, the decorator/contractors better understand space/room functional objectives and the client’s goals and can translate these needs and wants into meaningful interior design solutions.

From an interior design perspective, Core5Plus thinking encourages decorators/contractors to look at the design method as an issue-solving mechanism, beginning by identifying the issues and working with the client, the users, your team, and other contractors to solve those issues.

Implementing an interior design Core5Plus method is like, a “connecting the dots” approach.

How to Implement Core5Plus Thinking in Design

Developing and executing an approach is both art and science. A Core5Plus mindset is developed and improved with usage for interior design projects. Below is a valuable list for implementing Core5Plus thinking for interior design:

  • Discover– gather an understanding of the project in a method that includes an analysis of enclosure elements, functional areas, and decorating decor needs, then view the floor plan through the lens of the client and users.
  • Evaluate– make sense of the project regarding the enclosure elements, functional areas, decorative decor, and client’s goals. Tie the project’s completion back to the client’s objectives and show how key features and arrangements will help support those essential objectives.
  • Develop– formulate a timeline for the elements of the Core5Plus method by planning item completion dates and milestones that directly support the project objectives. 
  • Execute– act on the Core5Plus method and ensure the entire group and other contractors are included. Core5Plus thinking works best when collaboration is with everyone involved in the project.
  • Check– as tasks are accomplished using the design method, the goals, and outcomes intended should be reassessed for their effectiveness for the project.

Core5Plus thinking, for design, is a method that may seem a bit uncomfortable at first. Still, continuous use will provide a stronger bond between the client, the project, and the decorator/contractor team and show the value of the method differently.

We have worked with people from many great companies!

The Benefits of Core5Plus Thinking in Interior Design Projects

What benefits do the decorator/contractor who implements a method mindset offer?


When we incorporate a method mindset to develop, projects are satisfactorily aligned with customer requirements, and their intention is fewer modifications and less wasted time and action on techniques that don’t work.


Core5Plus thinking allows the entire team to strive for a shared goal, which implies working together with the client, team members, and other contractors instead of devising a shortsighted view of the outcome and working separately.

Better Relationships

A Core5Plus team leader will likely involve Core5Plus thinking if the client communicates the same Mindset. The resulting method will be in closer agreement with clients’ objectives, and stronger connections will be facilitated due to Core5Plus thinking’s cohesive nature.


Core5Plus thinking can foster a design method that will direct to additional projects, recommendations, and lasting relationships with the client.

An Example of Strategic Thinking in Design

At first, the concept of method thinking will seem at odds with traditional practice. It might even appear that a more acceptable design method is to adhere to the “tried and true” methodologies that have consistently been used. But Core5Plus thinking can be developed for interior design without renouncing what is customary.

Here’s an example:

A client approaches a designer saying they need a new kitchen because the current one is outdated and isn’t functioning well. The client uses expressions like “we were looking for something fresh” and “it requires to be stylish and modern or contemporary.”

The designer agrees to a refresh of the space/room. The project moves along, beginning with a common questionnaire for the client. Once the document comes back, user analysis is started, asking about: (the floor plan, the number of people in the family, etc.), and the team proceeds with the project.

The designer does the typical “back-and-forth” manner of designing, making multiple design ideas until they achieve something satisfactory to the client.

We have worked with people from many great companies!

What occurs when the design team utilizes Core5Plus thinking to approach the same project?

The decorator/contractor performs with the team to evaluate what the client has requested, then consider any current limitations they may have (time, money, schedule, experienced labor, etc.), and then decide to move forward with the project.

Rather than sending out a common questionnaire, the team collaborates with the client’s requested requirements. 

They ask more purposeful questions, such as:

  • What is the floor plan?
  • Will the enclosure (basic interior structure) items remain the same? 
  • What and where are the functional areas?
  • What decorative decor is needed?
  • What are the focal point, important items, Unique or usual items, and support items?
  • What is the primary design style?
  • What color scheme is needed?

The team determines and chooses precise tasks from this dialogue to achieve the client’s design requirements. They also decide on how to calculate the results.

The project focuses on the duties and purposes of defining successful outcomes. Each action in the design method is accomplished with a mindful eye on these purposes.

By creating a Core5Plus design method and establishing a tactical approach, we evolved more like consultants, functioning with the client to uncover the problem that requires to be unraveled. Rather than approaching the Core5Plus design method thinking solely about deliverables or items to sell to the client, the Color5Plus decorator/contractor considers residential objectives and outcomes (both our needs and the client’s).

Comprehending the client’s actual problem and approaching it in a practical, methodological way will provide an exceptional result.

Improving Core5Plus Thinking In Design

Core5Plus thinking enhances with practice. Here are some recommendations to stay alert and knowledgeable:

Alert – observe residential ideas and items, then look for trends around those elements. Practice seeing the larger vision and why it’s vital to the client. Be aware of issues presented throughout the Core5Plus design method, then share these issues with all team members.

 Intelligent Questions – questions are the vocabulary of the methodology. As a method thinking decorator/contractor, present more questions to all project members and then listen constantly. Become inquisitive and ask intelligent questions of the client, the team, and the Core5Plus methods. 

Talk methodological – an excellent suggestion is to start structuring verbal and written communication with methodical language to keep the project members focused on the enclosure, functional, and decorative decor on the Core5Plus method structure.

Emphasis on Issues – we are all experts in multitasking. We try to attend every meeting and be present for every event. A better solution is to plan your time accordingly and focus on Core5plus issues, not people. We should focus on the Core5Plus objectives to ensure we are executing correctly.


Executing successful Core5Plus methods requires a Core5Plus thinking mindset that allows us to concentrate more on issue-solving, execution, and better focus on project goals.

We have worked with people from many great companies!